PCC Assessment Processes

PCC MA Capstone Assessment Process

PCC holds a Graduate Symposium for graduating master's students each spring at which students present 15-20 minute talks summarizing and synthesizing their education in PCC.  This event is the culmination of the Master's Integrative Seminar, required of all graduating master's students. Through the Integrative Seminar, the students refine and clarify the knowledge they have gained during their 36 units of coursework, crystallizing the gems of knowledge and insight they wish to share with the world. The Graduate Symposium is the students' opportunity to share these gems in a public forum, with an audience of faculty, students, friends, and family members.

At least PCC faculty members assess student presentations, as an indicator of program success, with a rubric keyed to program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes. Students are familiar with this rubric, and with the Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes, as these documents are introduced in Introduction to PCC, a course required of all entering students. The rubric has shown a high level of inter-rater reliability. Students are rated either Beginning, Developing, or Exemplary in their engagement with each of PCC's Program Goals. The results of the faculty's assessments are then converted to numerical scores and compiled in a spreadsheet, providing a visual depiction of our success at inculcating our students with the Program Goals.

The first two years of this process resulted in a clarification and redefinition of Program Goals to more clearly state what knowledge and skills graduates of PCC can expect to acquire. This assessment process is expected to continue to provide information that supports the faculty in clarification and refinement of educational goals.