Teaching, Learning, and Academic Assessment

Welcome to the CIIS Teaching, Learning and Assessment website.

This site provides information about teaching, learning, and assessment at CIIS and resources for programs to develop learning outcomes and assessment processes. When the first phase of the project is complete, students, faculty, and others will be able to find the learning outcomes and assessment plans and processes in place for all academic programs. As this is a work-in-progress, your comments and suggestions are most welcome. The value of all assessment resides in the quality of discussions it inspires and you are an important part of that process.


The Loop, April, 2013


Our guidelines for assessment at CIIS reflect the following values and commitments:

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

  • are organized around a few key ¬†overarching learning goals that are grounded in the mission and vision of each program
  • are broad enough to encompass the essential domains of skill, knowledge and personal transformation expected in the degree and narrow enough to be practical and assessable in student work
  • are expressed in specific verbs that reflect the high-level learning expected for each degree (e.g., "Graduates will be able to....apply, synthesize, create, present, evaluate, critique, design, assess...)

Detailed SLO Guidelines >>

Curricular Maps

  • indicate in a table form where each goal or learning outcome is being addressed in the curriculum
  • are easy to interpret and include only the necessary level of detail

Detailed Curricular Map Guidelines >>

Assessment Processes

  • encompass systematic review of all SLOs within each cycle of program review (7 years).
  • are practical, meaningful and generate "actionable" knowledge for the improvement of student learning
  • include attention to best practices (inter-rater reliability, embedded assessment, norming to local and national communities-of-practice)
  • are aligned with the needs of multiple constituencies to support continuous improvement at all levels (students, faculty, curriculum, institution).

Detailed Guidelines for Assessment Processes >>

Other Assessment Resources >>


School of Undergraduate Studies

School of Consciousness and Transformation

Anthropology and Social Change (MA, PhD)

Asian and Comparative Studies (MA, PhD)

Creative Inquiry in the Arts (MFA)

East-West Psychology (MA, PhD)

Ecology, Spirituality, and Religion (MA)

Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness

Transformative Leadership (MA)

Transformative Inquiry (PhD)

Women's Spirituality (MA, PhD)

Writing and Consciousness (MFA)

School of Professional Psychology and Health

Human Sexuality (Ph.D.)

Counseling Psychology (PsyDoc)

Community Mental Health (MCP)

Drama Therapy (MCP)

Integral Counseling Psychology (MCP)

Expressive Arts Therapy (MCP)

Somatic Psychology (MCP)

Integrative Health (M.A.)

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