Greening CIIS

Ecological Justice Initiative at CIIS

Ecological Justice Initiative at CIIS

The goal of the Ecological Justice Initiative (EJI) is to investigate and implement the changes necessary to ensure that all of the University's activities are in line with commitment #5 of the CIIS Mission Statement - Advocate Sustainability & Social Justice - which states that: CIIS is committed to exploring and promoting knowledge and practices that affirm human solidarity with the entire Earth community. Recognizing that business as usual threatens the integrity of life itself on a planetary scale and perpetuates structures of oppression on a large portion of the human population, CIIS strives to generate creative alternatives leading to a just and flourishing world.

The CIIS community acknowledges that ecological citizenship is an ongoing process. As of the start of the Fall 2015 semester, an EJI committee is in the process of formation and will commit to growing its base of dedicated faculty, staff, and students by encouraging the larger CIIS community to join the effort to align CIIS with sustainable and equitable ecological policy.


A socially responsible and environmentally friendly business operating inside CIIS. The CIIS Cafe manager is Tyla Jones. 

  • Serves local, organic, and vegan foods
  • Emphasizes fair-trade and socially responsible products
  • Uses 100 percent biodegradable to-go wares and diverts most consumer trash to compost
  • Features Ayurvedic vegan Indian curries, daal, and more
  • Open Monday through Friday from 8 am.– 8 pm; varying weekend hours


  • As of November 2007, CIIS used between 7,000 and 8,000 pieces of paper per day
  • Every day American businesses generate enough paper to circle the Earth 28 times
  • Converting trees to paper takes water, energy and chemicals, leaving a BIG footprint
  • 40 percent of office paper ends up in landfills
  • Change the default setting on your printer/copier from single-sided to double-sided
  • Scan documents and send by email instead of printing/copying
  • Bring reusable utensils, containers, napkins and mugs for use at school
  • Buy used: For instance, try thrift stores/Craigslist before you go to IKEA for that shelf or table
  • Use a refillable water bottle instead of buying a new bottle
  • Carpool
  • If you own a car, keep it maintained. By keeping your car maintained, you can increase its effiency by up to 10 percent


Biking is an easy and efficient way to reach CIIS. Learn more.


United Nations Greening Universities Toolkit
Draft of CIIS's Ecological Justice Strategic Plan
Natural Resources Defense Council
San Francisco Department of the Environment
City CarShare


E-mail msegall@ciis.edu.